Baby Teeth are a Big Deal

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Baby Teeth are a Big Deal

At our pediatric dental practice, all teeth are important to us, especially baby teeth. Although parents might not worry as much about their babies’ teeth because adult teeth will replace them in several years, the truth is that dental decay in baby teeth has long-lasting effects. Damaged or missing teeth make it hard for children to speak, eat, and can even affect their emotional development.

It’s for all these reasons and more, that our pediatric specialists stress the importance of early oral care. Learn more below about common problems that affect the littlest smiles.

Baby Teeth Are Placeholders for Permanent Adult Smiles

Baby teeth aren’t meant to stay put forever. Eventually, baby teeth roots dissolve and adult teeth push through. This usually happens around age six. When baby teeth fall out early, this can cause delayed permanent tooth eruption and orthodontic issues in the future.

Cavities in Baby Teeth Lead to Adult Dental Problems

Did you know that cavities in baby teeth can increase the risk of tooth decay in adult teeth? It’s true. You see, when cavities form in and around baby teeth and go untreated, the adult teeth waiting to erupt can be affected too. This can happen long before your child loses their first tooth.

Preventative and Restorative Care from Pediatric Dentists

The best way to care for your child’s baby teeth is preventative care. Examples of preventive care include brushing, flossing, and scheduling regular checkups with a pediatric or family dentist. Preventive care lowers the risk of decay, misalignment, and premature tooth loss.

Biannual exams and cleanings checks for potential problems and reinforces the importance of oral healthcare. Many children have a natural fear of the dentist, but the sooner parents schedule dental exams, the easier it is to put little one’s fears at ease. When parents and dental professionals work together, it’s a team effort to show young children the importance of caring for their teeth and protecting their smiles.

During biannual cleanings, we will also help you learn how to make healthy oral health decisions for your child. Decay is the #1 problem dentists treat in young patients. With an abundance of sugary drinks and treats available, it’s not unusual for children to have cavities before they’re talking in full sentences. Education goes a long way toward preventing lifelong decay issues. Children who learn how to take care of their teeth turn into adults with fewer oral health problems.

If your child has a dental issue, pediatric dentists use gentle restorative techniques to treat cavities and other oral health issues. Parents know their children are in the best hands when choosing pediatric dental practices.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Child Today!

Your child’s smile lights up your world, and you want it to be a healthy smile. Whether it’s time for your child’s first dental visit or it’s been a while since their last appointment, now is the best time to schedule an appointment. Call today!

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