How to Navigate Tooth Fairy Visits

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How to Navigate Tooth Fairy Visits

Visits from the tooth fairy have been an exciting time in children’s lives for decades. One of the reasons why it is still a common practice is because parents often have fond memories of the tooth fairy when they were children and they want their kids to feel the same excitement. The tooth fairy is simply about taking time to celebrate when your child loses one of their baby teeth. It is one of many significant milestones in a child’s life, so you might as well make it fun.

It’s Not About the Money

When thinking about the amount of money you’ll leave from the tooth fairy, keep in mind that it really isn’t about the dollar amount, but about the event itself. Children start to lose their baby teeth at around 5 years of age, and this continues until about the age of 7. There are approximately 20 teeth that will be lost during this time frame. Since you know it’s coming, you’ll want to plan in advance how much you’ll provide for each tooth. The average amount is about $2.00, give or take. Just remember that the priority is consistency because your kid will be looking forward to waking up the next morning.

Once you start the tradition, it might be difficult to stop because you’ve established an expectation. If you’re like most people and only use debit and credit cards, you can also set aside cash in a hiding place just for this purpose. This way you’ll know that you have dollar bills and quarters available if necessary.

Inspiring Good Dental Care

The tooth fairy tradition has gotten creative these days. Instead of just placing the money under the pillow, you can use the opportunity to promote good dental care. For instance, you can write a note from the tooth fairy that encourages your kid to brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day. You can also leave a new toothbrush along with the money.

There are a lot of creative ways to be a tooth fairy. It’s all about taking the time to inspire your kid to brush their teeth and maintain excitement about oral hygiene. Money, a new toothbrush, and a great tasting toothpaste just might do the trick.

Going the Extra Mile

Sometimes emergency situations occur that result in the loss of a tooth in a way that’s extraordinary or unusually painful. When this happens, it’s best to acknowledge the circumstance in a note from the tooth fairy. In the event that your kid needs dental work, you should take time to have the dentist address the situation in a note. This can go a long way towards reassuring your child that visiting the dentist will be just fine.

When the Tooth Fairy Doesn’t Show Up

Let’s face it, life happens. It’s possible that your child will lose a tooth and you either forget about it or you just don’t have the cash needed. One way to handle this type of situation is by leaving a note for your kid from the tooth fairy that says the schedule was exceptionally busy. The note should include an apology and it should also indicate when the tooth fairy will return. It’s a great way to address the issue and generate excitement at the same time.

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