How to Protect Your Child’s Teeth for the Holidays

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How to Protect Your Child’s Teeth for the Holidays

It’s the season for desserts! We like the holidays for a variety of reasons, including the decorations, family time, and, of course, the food! You can’t help but be bombarded with cookies, candies, and a plethora of other scrumptious delicacies during these weeks. Unfortunately, this also applies to your children. Between school, family events, and other holiday activities, your children will almost certainly come into contact with candy canes, Christmas cookies, or other sweet sweets. At Houston Pediatric Dental Specialists, we want to remind you to keep their little smiles safe this holiday season!

Dental care is a great way to decorate the halls.

With the holiday season upon us, remember to apply these simple dental tips to keep your children’s teeth free of plaque, buildup, and cavities!

Don’t forget about dessert.

It may appear to be too wonderful to be true – but it isn’t! Dessert should be included in the meal, according to Colgate. Rather than providing dessert last or separately, combining a sugary dessert with other healthy foods will aid in the removal of sugar from their teeth. As an extra advantage, those healthy meals will help neutralize the acids produced by sugar consumption!

Reduce your consumption of candy.

Monitoring your child’s candy consumption may be burdensome, but it is critical for their dental health. Hard candy, such as the seasonal candy cane, is sucked on and in the mouth for an extended period of time, posing the greatest risk to the teeth. Remember, it’s all about moderation! Remind your youngsters what can happen to their teeth if they consume an excessive amount of candy or biscuits. You don’t have to be a total downer, but warning them may help to control their sweet desire.

Teeth should not be used for tearing.

There’s nothing more fun than opening gifts during the holidays! When your children are tearing into their gifts beneath the tree, they may be tempted to open packages with their teeth rather than waiting for your assistance. Keep a close check on your youngsters as they open their gifts and tell them not to use their teeth!

Don’t forget to clean your teeth.

During the rush and bustle of the holidays, it is critical not to forget everyday oral hygiene! Make sure your child brushes and flosses their teeth before going to bed after a long night of looking at Christmas lights and sipping hot cocoa.

Maintain regular cleanings.

Winter break is a perfect opportunity to arrange a dental cleaning and checkup for your children. Examine your calendar to see what the best time is to get your child into the dentist chair before they return to school.

Give the gift of healthy teeth.

The holidays are the ideal time to make dental hygiene enjoyable! Consider putting fun toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss in your children’s stockings if you’re looking for great stocking stuffer ideas. Brushes and toothpaste with your child’s favorite cartoon or movie character are easily available at your local grocery store or online!

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