Six ways for kids and teens to take care of their teeth in time for back-to-school

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Six ways for kids and teens to take care of their teeth in time for back-to-school

Tip 1: Eat a diet that is well-balanced.

Instead of junk food like candy and potato chips, you should encourage your kids to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. In a healthy diet, fruits and vegetables like broccoli play a key role. A child also requires protein from meat or plants and calcium from dairy products like yogurt or cheese. Choose brown rice, whole-grain breads, and pasta over white rice and white bread. Give a child water at meals rather than sugary beverages like soft drinks.

Tip 2: Master proper brushing technique.

Buy your kid or teen a new toothbrush and toothpaste. Young children are more likely to want to brush their teeth when they have a toothbrush with a cartoon character on the handle. Teach your child how to brush their teeth correctly by wetting the bristles, slathering the brush with toothpaste, and brushing each tooth to remove food particles and bacteria. At least twice daily, for two minutes each, you and your child or teen should brush their teeth. Afterward, they should both rinse their mouths with water.

Tip 3: Use floss on a daily basis.

Additionally, it’s crucial to floss at least once a day because food particles and bacteria can become lodged between the teeth and along the gum line. While some older kids can remove plaque with dental floss, a younger child might find it simpler to use a dental pick that has a small piece of floss attached to it. If your child is unable to properly floss, you may need to do it for him or her in order to prevent dental health issues.

Tip 4: Refraining from Bad Habits

By sucking their fingers, chewing on pencils, or biting their fingernails, kids can damage their teeth. Children who engage in these behaviors should learn alternative coping mechanisms. By applying a foul-tasting solution to the child’s fingernails or ensuring that the child or teen is not stressed, bad habits can be stopped.

Tip 5: Include Fluoride Rinses

Houston, Texas no longer adds fluoride to the city’s public water supply, unlike some other cities. We advise you to purchase a fluoride rinse from a nearby pharmacy. These fluoride rinses resemble mouthwash in some ways. A substance called fluoride strengthens a child’s tooth enamel so that it can fend off the decay that bacteria cause.

Tip 6: Visit your Houston Pediatric Dentist every six months.

Taking your child to the dentist for a checkup to determine whether they have any oral health issues is one of the best things you can do for them before school starts. When school is out for the summer, it’s simpler to take care of issues like cavities and gingivitis that require special care. Your child’s mouth guard can be made by a dentist so they can participate in sports.

Why Is Dental Health Important for Kids?

It will be simpler for your child to learn in school if their teeth and gums are healthy because they won’t experience mouth pain. Your child will sleep better at night if they have healthy gums and strong teeth. Additionally, your child or teen is less likely to miss a day of school for an emergency dental appointment if they practice good oral hygiene habits.

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